Property managers generally strive for a consistent process around property Inspections, which can keep repair costs to a minimum by resolving minor issues before they get worse.  Regular inspections can minimize or eliminate any lease compliance issues by either party.  But to ensure routine inspections are performed consistently, property managers need appropriate systems to enforce the inspection policies and automate the operational aspects of the process wherever possible.

DocFluix Inspection Solution

By leveraging Office 365 with Electronic Forms and Workflow from Nintex, the DocFluix Inspection solution enables the following:

  1. Schedule routine inspections at various intervals (e.g. Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annually)
  2. Enable dispatchers to schedule ad-hoc inspections as needed
  3. Maintain standard checklists of inspection items and associate the appropriate checklist to each property and inspection interval.
  4. Automatically initiate scheduled or ad-hoc inspections and route the appropriate inspection form to the designated inspector.
  5. Enable inspectors to fill out inspection forms on mobile device (smart phones and tablets) even when offline.
  6. Allow inspectors to capture photos during inspection from device cameras.
  7. Initiate additional “repair” workflow for any items that do not pass inspection
  8. Maintain detailed audit data and reporting dashboards for inspection data by property, region or portfolio.

DF Inspector Mobile App

Check out the DF Inspector Mobile App:

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Solution Benefits

  1. Ensure inspections are completed on time and in a consistent manner
  2. Ensure repairs are triaged and addressed promptly
  3. Generate evidence (photos) to hold tenants responsible for condition of property
  4. Eliminate need for paper inspection forms
  5. Reduce time required to complete each inspection and resolve outstanding issues