Many property management start their leases from a document template, fill out variable information within the template, print the lease and provide it to a prospective tenant for signature.  This approach leads to several problems:

  1. Quality control on variable data (what if there is an error in the lease data?)
  2. It’s difficult to verify that the tenant really initialed every single page of the lease
  3. Storing and routing paper is far more cumbersome and expensive than an electronic document

DocFluix Lease Management Solution

By leveraging Office 365 with Electronic Forms and Workflow from Nintex, the DocFluix Lease Management solution enables the following process:

  1. Leasing agent submits an online form with any variable data needed in the lease
  2. Lease form is routed for review and approval (optional) – ensure lease data is accurate
  3. A new lease document (PDF) is auto-generated by merging lease data from the form into your lease template.
  4. The lease document is routed to the prospective tenant for Electronic Signature. This process ensures that the lease is properly signed and initialed before it is accepted from the tenant.
  5. Notifications when lease is signed and/or reminders if it is not completed in a timely fashion.
  6. Store the signed lease electronically so it can be easily searched for later and linked to the tenant’s record.

Solution Benefits

  1. Reduce Costs – Our solution provides tremendous operational efficiencies compared to manual, paper-based lease processes
  2. Increase Revenue – If tenant fails to initial every section of your lease, once they move in they may be able to avoid paying all of the appropriate fees stipulated in the lease. With electronic signature, we eliminate this risk and maximize your revenue!